In 2003, fellowship alumni established the John Gardner Fellowship Association to bring together alumni of the John Gardner Fellowship Program for the purposes of self-renewal, job growth, leadership training, and social networking. While independent of Stanford University and UC Berkeley, the JGFA is dedicating to furthering the mission of the John Gardner Fellowship Program at both schools. The JGFA was started in 2003, now has 182 members and is entirely run by volunteers.


The mission of the John Gardner Fellowship Association (JGFA) is to:

  • Promote the values and ideals exemplified by John Gardner.
  • Bring together members for the purpose of renewal and inspiration.
  • Encourage and support the ongoing involvement of its members in public service.
  • Ensure the Fellowship program has adequate resources for success.
  • Engage the universities and members to fulfill the goals of the Fellowship.


Anu Menon, Co-President
David L. Moguel, Co-President
Paras Shah, Vice-President for Development
Anna Ferrari, Secretary
Sandy Tesch Wilkins, Treasurer

Terri Bimes, Fellowship Administrator—UC Berkeley
Juaquin Sims, Fellowship Administrator—Stanford University
Leslie Garvin, Senior Program Director, Cardinal Careers—Stanford University



Matthew Colford
Ellen Dektar
Jeanne Halleck
Katin Hinman
Liz Butler Steyer
John Gardner Trimble
Andy E. Weis
Jon Welner
Linda Yeung

JGFA ADVISORY BOARD (Established 2014-15)

Lisa García Bedolla, Director, Institute of Governmental Studies—UC Berkeley